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Flexibility & Autonomity in Real Estate Office

Size of Your Team

We give you the ability to determine how large a team you want to build.   Our agressive compensation structure is designed to reward you for building a successfull team.  Some Managers and markets can be very successfull with just a few Sales Associates,  while others choose to build a large team.  

How you want to run your office  

Through our investment in technology you will not have the need or expense for a large office space.  We will establish with your help an executive office location convenient to you.  You and your teem will be able to conduct business in the office,  at your clients office, at a home office,  or any place convenient to you as long as you have access to a high speed internet connection.   

The type of clients you want to work with

As each Broker and Sales Associates are different, we give you the ability to choose the types of clients you enjoy working with in your local market.  Through our referral network, we also give you the ability to referr your clients to other markets while earning a 25% referral commisison.

How you market your properties 

We realize that markets are unique from city to city.  As such,  we rely on each office to determine the best practices when it comes to attracting new clients and marketing their properties for sale.