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Technology for Your Real Estate Agents & Office

Delivering the highest level of service to your team and their clients. 

Although real estate is marketed on a personal level, the use of technology has allowed us to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively. 

Our surveys indicate that over 87% of our clients are using the internet for some aspect of their property search.  As such, we have invested in the latest technology to meet the needs of our clients and Agents that serve them. As a real estate Agent with Realty Advisors of America, LLC and its Affiliates you will be able to help your clients in the following ways:

You will attract more Sellers by Offering:

  • Maximum Marketing Exposure through online dominance.
  • Instant communications with potential Buyers through text message marketing. 
  • Weekly communications of market activity, showings and price movements.

You will attract more Buyers by Offering:

  • Advanced online search capabilities.
  • Access to new properties for sale before they are readily marketed.
  • Market expertise focusing on luxury and foreclosed properties throughout your area.


Office management becomes easier by using our through our Transaction Management System.

Imagine organizing every detail of each of your agents and their transactions with our (TMS).  With our (TMS) you will have 24 hour a day access to all of your agents and every detail of their transactions.  Each of their listing and sales contracts will be organized and managed online to help keep you on task to pending tasks and important dates.  This system will allow you stay in tune with every detail of each transaction, and eliminate the expense and need for assistants.