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FAQ's - Broker/Managers

How do I qualify to become a Broker/Manager with Realty Advisors of America, LLC?

All of our Broker/Managers are full-Time licensed real estate Brokers.  Typically we Hire Brokers with 8 years or more of real estate sales and management experience.  We are seeking Brokers in selected cities that have a proven record of growing a successful team.

How Much Money can I expect to earn with Realty Advisors of America, LLC?

As a Broker/Manager with Realty Advisors of America, your earnings are unlimited.  You will earn a high commission split for each transaction you personally complete.  In addition, you will earn an override commission for every transaction each of your agents completes.  By building a successful team, your earnings will grow well beyond your individual production levels. 

Is Realty Advisors of America, LLC a Franchise?

No, Realty Advisors of America is not a Franchise.  Each office is owned by Realty Advisors of America LLC, and operated by the Broker/Managers selected to run that local office.

One of the many advantages of the Realty Advisors of America, LLC platform is that we are not a franchise, therefore, we do not charge the high franchise fees, nor have the huge initial capital requirements placed on many buyers of real estate franchises as well as expensive renewal fees.     

Are there Advertising fees, or Royalties that we have to pay to operate a Realty Advisors of America, LLC office?

We give our Broker/Managers the ability to operate their office and control expenses as they see fit.  We do not charge any Advertising fees, or Royalties.  We provide the best combination of high commission splits and low expenses available.

Does Realty Advisors offer protected territories in my market?

No, we do not give protected territories in any market.  We hire only experienced real estate professionals that have proven they can build a successful team.  Some of the larger cities will support multiple offices, or teams.

How Does Realty Advisors of America, LLC help me attract top agents in my market?

Through our investment in technology we provide the best platform for our Brokers to attract top tier agents in each market.  As a Broker/Manger with us, you will be able to attract top agents by offering them:  The strength of a national brand, High agent commissions, low expenses, technology to close more deals, ability to send and receive referrals, support of agent, team branding and a better quality of life.  


How does Realty Advisors of America, LLC help me attract more buyers and sellers? 

Realty Advisors of America helps our Broker/Managers and Sales Associates attract more clients by:  providing the best technology and tools available in the industry to help market the properties that they are selling.  Our Advisors benefit from the ability to send and receive referrals to other Realty Advisors of America companies or companies outside of Realty Advisors in other markets through the Realty Advisors of America Referral Network

Why is branding important to me to be successful?            

The Realty Advisors platform gives our Advisors national recognition, while helping each Advisor brand themselves.  Our Advisors utilize our sales and design center to help them develop their unique brand and marketing pieces; all designed to drive more business to them.

What kind of tools can Realty Advisors offer me to ensure the success of my office?

We offer several systems to help ensure the success of each office.  We provide our Transaction Management System (TMS) to automate transaction workflow, management systems for recruiting, training and support for Advisors, Design Center for presentations, signage, and marketing pieces and brand recognition, to attract new clients.


I have worked hard to build my company; I don't want to give it up?

With Realty Advisors, you don't have to give up your existing brand.  With Realty Advisors we will help you enhance the reputation you already have built.   We encourage existing companies to keep their brand and improve it by integrating it into the Realty Advisors of America platform. 

How will I be better off by moving my company to the Realty Advisors of America, LLC platform?

As a national brand, we enhance the reputation of each company and Advisor in their market. 

How many agents do I need?

We give our Broker/Managers the ability to determine how large a team they want to build.  Each market's needs are different.  Our platform is just as efficient for a small/office or team as it is with a larger office with many agents


How will reduce my operating expenses with the Realty Advisors of America, LLC system?

We provide our Broker/Managers with the technology to reduce the largest expenses they face; lease expenses, technology investments, and administrative staffing.  This gives each office the ability to control their own expenses, thus keeping their profit. (Our technology allows Brokers and their team to work anywhere)

Why is technology so important today?

Through our investment in technology, our Advisors are simply able to market their properties better for their sellers, and find better opportunities for their buyers.  This use of technology allows our Advisors to work smarter, and to give them the work-life balance that they are seeking.

How can Realty Advisors of America of America, LLC help me become more efficient, and have more time for the things I want to do? 

Through the use of technology, we allow our Advisors to work when the want, and at a location that is convenient for them.  Our Transaction Management System (TMS) allows our Advisors to access their deals and client files 24 hours a day at any location in which they have a high speed internet connection or an iPhone or Blackberry device.  This gives our Advisors an incredible advantage of allowing them to be more efficient, it saves them money by allowing them to efficiently handle more clients without administrative expenses. 

How will the Transaction Management System (TMS) help me run the office?

Realty Advisors of America TMS allows each Broker/Manager the ability to manage the workflow of their entire team/office.  The TMS allows each Advisor to upload each listing and sales document.  Each Advisor has the ability to control all aspects of both listing and sales files online.  The TMS helps organize our Advisors by showing them the documents still needed for each transaction, it coordinates and organizes the timeframes of when tasks need to be completed, even sends them email notifications of upcoming deadlines.  Our TMS is an efficient system that allows our Advisors to work when they want, and eliminates the need to drop off files, fax, or email files to the office.  The Realty Advisors of America, LLC TMS also allows our Advisors to coordinate all closing details securely, and directly with their chosen title company, lender, mortgage company, and anyone else they choose that needs access to the file.

What does is mean that Realty Advisors of America, LLC is a lifestyle company?

Realty Advisors of America, LLC is committed to helping each of our Advisors achieve the right work-life balance they are seeking.  Our ongoing investment in technology allows our Advisors easy access to their clients files 24/7.  Through our Transaction Management System, Integrated Cisco phone and fax system, and online design and sales center, most of our Advisors choose to work from their home office.  This allows them the maximum flexibility, and provides best use of their time, allowing them to find that work-life balance that they are seeking.

Who is the right candidate to become a successful Broker/Manager with Realty Advisors of America, LLC?

We are seeking motivated experienced real estate professionals in several strategic cities.  To qualify you need to have an existing Broker's license, the drive to succeed, and a history of being able to attract and building a successful team. 

We encourage you to contact our Human Resources Department at and send us a resume or short bio and complete the Application.  We will follow up with you to establish a confidential phone interview.

If selected, how long does it take to establish the office?

Upon selection, once you decide to join us, it generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to establish the office.  Our Integration Team will help ensure that all details from selecting the office/reconfiguring your office location, to on-boarding your existing agents will be a smooth transfer.