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Broker/Manager Overview

Realty Advisors of America LLC Companies are dedicated to providing the most inovative real estate platform to our Broker/Managers, Sales Associates and clients we serve. Our goal is to provide you as the Broker/Manager the most robust technology savvy real estate platform available in the market.  Our core belief is that through the use of technology, our Broker/Managers and Sales Associates will be able to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. 

Challenges Facing Brokers Today

  • How do I make my Office more profitable?
  • How do I attract, recruit and retain the best Agents, independent contractors and employees?
  • How do I use the latest technology to serve my clients?
  • How do I succeed in a both a robust and challenging market?

 Realty Advisors of America Solutions

 As a Broker/Manager with us, you will benefit from the solutions to these questions that we have built into our platform.

  • Attract more customers with our Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Manage your office with ease with our Complete Office Management System
  • Manage your Sales Associates with our HR Systems
  • Attract the Best  Agents with our Preferred Agent Recruiting Systems (PARS) & Support


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